What is an approved Home Care provider?

An approved Home Care provider is an organisation that has been approved by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to deliver Australian Government subsided home care services.


What is the role of an approved Home Care provider?


As an approved provided Aunty Grace has several responsibilities including:


  • Being responsible for the services delivered
  • Assisting care recipients to make decisions about quality care
  • Managing Government subsidies
  • Managing care recipients’ fees and payments properly
  • Meeting quality standards
  • Using a consumer-directed care approach


Why is it important for a Home Care provider to be approved?


Home Care providers must be approved to receive Australian Government subsidies (funding) to deliver in-home services. Providers use a person’s package funding to deliver a range of home care services that meet their needs and wants.


To become an approved provider an organisation must adhere to several criteria. These requirements are designed to ensure the care and services offered are more affordable, accessible, and safe. All approved providers are regulated by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and need to meet these strict set of regulations and quality standards.  


Approved providers must also continue to satisfy the requirements set by the commission to retain their approval. The commission can revoke or suspend an organisations approval if they breach any of these requirements or are found to be non-compliant.


What does good quality care look like?


Knowing that you will receive safe and quality care is the utmost of importance when selecting a provider. There are eight quality standards that approved service providers must adhere to. They outline the level of care you should expect from organisations that provide government-funded Home Care.


Every provider must demonstrate to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission that it meets these standards. Providers are assessed through visits, reviews and feedback from clients receiving care and services.



How do I know if a provider has been approved?


You can go online at any time and search for an approved provider on the My Aged Care website.


You can also view our article on how to select a Home Care provider here.


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