About Us

Trust, comfort, and convenience are at the core of everything we do. Whether that's providing transparent fees or ensuring you are satisfied with the quality of care being provided.


We are dedicated to changing the way care and support are delivered and want to ensure you receive the best care experience possible. 

That’s why we communicate often and encourage you to do the same. 
We want to do things better!

Our Story

Aunty Grace was established in recognition that there is a better way to provide support and care. We make it easy for you to connect and maintain the right care services and support team for you. When you join Aunty Grace, you become part of a wider supportive community.


Our approach to care is all about maintaining your health and independence, to help you live well in your own home.


Our Name


We are a little bit different to the average home care provider and we’re proud of it. We want to do things better. This is true in everything we do including our name! We are respectful, fun and genuine in our care for clients.

We strive to be warm and wise like an Aunty and create a sense of community that is like family. We also try to do all things with Grace, most importantly upholding the dignity and respect that we believe our community deserves. Together we are Aunty Grace.


Our Brand Promise


We are dedicated to changing the way care is delivered and that means ensuring our clients get the individualised care they need and the communication they want.


Expect more from your care. Our commitment is so strong, that we promise to refund your fees if we don’t meet your expectations. Simply schedule your end date with us within your first three months and we will refund your care and package management fees back to your package.

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Our Values

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Our people’s needs are at the core of what we do. We build trust and drive transparency in every interaction across the organisation.

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We strive to ensure that the Aunty Grace experience is as seamless as the touch of a button.

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Because there is always a better way. We are always looking to improve what we do, and how we do it.

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Everyone who engages with Aunty Grace is valued. We exist to support our people through their journey, to reinforce their power to make the choices that are right for their life. 

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team are passionate, experienced and focused on making a positive impact on our clients, staff, and the Home Care sector. The team is committed to customer-directed care that enables our clients to live more fulfilling and independent lives.


Peter Clarke Aunty Grace CEO

Peter Clarke



Michael Chamberlain


Head of Operations

Jared Smith Aunty Grace Solutions Architect

Jared Smith


Head of Information Technology

Mark Matthews Aunty Grace Software Engineer

Mark Matthews


Software Engineer

Peter Clarke Aunty Grace CEO

Peter Clarke



Not sure where to start? Need Assistance?

Not sure where to start?

Need Assistance?


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