What to expect when applying for a Home Care Package with My Aged Care.


To obtain a Home Care Package, you must apply through the government body My Aged Care. We have listed a step-by-step guide on the application process here.


We have also listed the letters you may receive once you have registered with My Aged Care below. This will help you to prepare for each step of the application journey. If you have any questions at any point in the process, the team at Aunty Grace are here to help.


1. My Aged Care Welcome letter


You’ll receive a Welcome Letter once you’ve registered with My Aged Care. It is important to keep this letter somewhere safe, as it includes your unique aged care ID. You’ll be asked for this ID number whenever you speak to My Aged Care. For more information on the next step refer to the application process.


2. My Aged Care Eligibility letter


If you’re eligible for a Home Care Package, you should receive this letter approximately 8 weeks after your ACAS/ACAT assessment. It will confirm that you've been approved for a Home Care Package and are now on the waiting list to have a Home Care Package assigned to you. It may also contain a list of referrals for services that you can access while you are waiting for your Home Care Package to be assigned. Aunty Grace can also assist you with privately funded services while you are waiting.


3. My Aged Care Get Ready letter (Waiting List)


You’ll receive this letter around 3 months before your Home Care Package is expected to be assigned. This letter will prompt you to start researching Home Care providers in your area. This is a good time to complete your Income Tested Fee (ITF) assessment with Centrelink to check if you are required to contribute to your Home Care Package. View the article on selecting a home care provider and Income Tested Fees.


4. My Aged Care Government Fee letter


After you’ve completed your Income Tested Fee assessment with Centrelink, they’ll send you a letter confirming the Government fees that may be payable by you toward your Home Care Package. To get an estimate on how much you may be required to pay, you can use the calculator provided by My Aged Care.


5. My Aged Care Assignment letter


Congratulations you now have a Home Care Package! This letter confirms that you can now commence services with your selected provider. It will list the level of package you’ve been assigned. Once you receive this letter, you have 56 days to start using your package. However, you can request a 28-day extension by calling My Aged Care – or we can do this for you – to ensure you don’t lose your funding.


For more information contact our friendly team or visit the My Aged Care website

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