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We pride ourselves on our customer-driven and outcomes-focused culture. There are several ways that you can start working with us. You could:


  • Join the team at Aunty Grace
  • Become one of our preferred suppliers and deliver services to our clients; or
  • Work with one of Aunty Grace’s existing suppliers.


To become part of the Aunty Grace family, all you need to do is provide us with some basic details to set up your profile. If you would like to join our vibrant community reach out to us via the contact form below.

Becoming a team member at Aunty Grace

Aunty Grace is on a mission to disrupt and improve the Home Care industry, and we’re looking for motivated and passionate people to help get us there.

We’re on the hunt for people who are driven to create positive change, eager to learn and grow with a values-led company. There’s no hierarchy, no politics, just a group of people coming together to achieve great outcomes for our clients and have fun doing it.

Aunty Grace provides exceptional, seamless care, with a focus on innovation.

We empower people to connect, manage and deliver the right support and services. Our aim is to maximise the health, independence and lifestyle of our clients. If you want to spend more time focusing on people and less time on paperwork, Aunty Grace is the place for you.

We value integrity, ease, innovation, and respect.

Providing Independent Support directly or with an Aunty Grace supplier


If you have an ABN, you can work for yourself with us or potentially with one of our suppliers.


  • Work when you want, as much as you want. Update your availability at any time
  • Get notified and accept available shifts
  • First-class support and industry-leading systems – letting you focus on caring for and building relationships with your clients
  • Work with a provider that values you and puts the tools in your hands to succeed
  • Grow your business in a rapidly growing sector!

Provide Your Organisation's Services


At Aunty Grace, we are always looking for trusted partners to grow with together.

  • Set up worker profiles for multiple employees
  • Get notified when workers need to provide documentation or other information to work with us
  • Get notified of available shifts for your workers, and easily accept shifts
  • Be provided with all transactions in a singular report
  • Manage worker performance with regular feedback loops
  • Work with a provider that supports and empowers your workers.

Register with us

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Not sure where to start? Need Assistance?

Not sure where to start?

Need Assistance?


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