Empowering Elderly Independence with Assistive Technology

Historically, ageing has often been associated with a loss of independence, freedom and a reduced lifestyle. The truth is, there are a wide variety of assistive care opportunities to ensure seniors can enjoy their lifestyle to the fullest possible.


Apart from the perhaps more obvious options (such as assistance with daily living tasks like housework), senior assistive technology is an excellent way to ensure any elderly loved ones in your life can stay in one place for as long as feasible (whilst ensuring they also receive the best care for their needs).


What is Assistive Technology for the Elderly?


The term “senior assistive technology” refers to the systems and devices that are specifically designed to help a senior “age in place” (i.e., ageing independently at home, whilst maintaining safety and comfort).


Assistive technology aims to monitor, support, and improve daily living for seniors who want to maintain their independence at home for as long as possible.


It covers a wide range of devices (depending on individual needs), which can help both at home and on the go. They can help improve daily life anywhere from a little, to a lot!


Why Consider Getting Assistive Technology?


Assistive technology for the elderly can greatly assist with their care, and independence and offer peace of mind for carers and family members by helping:



What Kind of Assisted Technology is Available?


There are several categories of assistive technology for the elderly as outlined below:


Daily Care


This assistive technology includes low-tech and personal care assistive devices, such as:



Mobility Assistive Technologies


If mobility is an area needing improvement, these aids can make a big difference:


Each mobility aid is as unique as the person using it. For some, a walking stick that can transform into a tripod chair whenever a seat is needed (when out and about) can be enormously helpful!


For others, an upgrade to an electric scooter or wheelchair could lead to increased opportunities for getting out and about. These technologies assist with mobility and can help reduce or even eliminate joint/muscle stress/pain experienced with certain movements.


Additionally, the risk of falling is significantly decreased when using the right mobility assistive technology.


Other mobility devices available include (but are not limited to):



Medical/Safety Assistive Technologies


Regardless of their age, it’s natural to be concerned about your loved ones living alone. Feelings of concern for their welfare and well-being are often intensified if they also have health/medical concerns.


That’s where medical and safety elderly assistive technologies come into play because they can help increase individual and overall home safety. Here are some examples:



Communicative Assistive Technologies


These senior assistive technologies are focused on improving the ability to see, hear and speak and aiding with staying connected and interactive. Examples include:



How to Take Advantage of Senior Assistive Technology


The caring and qualified team at Aunty Grace can help organise the right assistive technology for your unique needs and goals.


We’re here to help keep your parents and other loved ones safer while maintaining their independence and reducing their stress/hassle (and saving you worry).

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