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Home Care Package Levels Explained

Home Care Package Levels Explained


It’s a great asset to have a little extra support in your daily life thanks to a Home Care Package.


If you are eligible or considering starting with one, there are several ways in which this program and a package can be of assistance to you.


You can find the key features and benefits explained in more detail below.


What is a Home Care Package?


A home care package is a government (Commonwealth) supported initiative that includes a range of care and services to help you live independently in your own home.


There are four levels of Home Care Packages, which offer varying degrees of support at your home, to help meet differing levels of care needs.


Your chosen home care provider, like Aunty Grace, will work with you to maximise the package you have been approved for to best meet your needs and manage the service and care for you.


The range of services and care that form a Home Care Package may include:



Who is Eligible for a Home Care Package?


It is a requirement to be assessed via an Aged Care Assessment prior to establishing your eligibility for a Home Care Package.


You don’t need to go anywhere; the home care assessor comes to you.


The assessment is free, takes between 45-75 minutes, and there are no right or wrong answers, it’s all about finding the best way to assist and improve your day-to-day life. You can also opt to have other support of friends/family members with you if you like.


During your aged care assessment, you and the assessor will discuss your current health care needs and more to determine if/which Home Care Package level will best meet them.


Afterwards, the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will review everything and then (around 2 weeks later) send you a letter with the result and more information.

How to Find a Home Care Package Provider:


Once you have been approved for a Home Care Package, you can find your preferred home care provider.


You can use your own search, or the Find a Provider tool on the My Aged Care website to find a list of local home care providers. You can also receive this information over the phone or in the post if you prefer!


Each provider is different and may offer different types of care, services and activities.


So that you know what to expect, we recommend having your own checklist ready to help you prepare for questions you may wish to ask potential providers.


Some examples of worthwhile considerations and questions to ask might include:



One example of a Home Care Package Provider is Aunty Grace, who provides a wide range of services in the aged care space.


What Makes for a Good Home Care Package Provider?

There are a few important things to look out for when deciding on a Home Care Package provider:







The Four Home Care Package Levels Include:


This is designed to support lower-level care needs, which may include basic everyday support, such as house cleaning, improving health and wellbeing, transport and even shopping assistance.



The support at this level is aimed at assisting with daily tasks such as cleaning, personal care, gardening, and those needed from Level 1 as above.



This third level is for people with intermediate care needs, such as a little assistance getting dressed, dementia care, nursing services, medication management, etc.



At the highest level (Level 4), care may include nursing, domestic assistance, social support, home modifications/mobility aids and so on, which make your house safer and getting around easier.


However, depending on your care needs, each of the services listed can be provided at different levels if they fit within your assigned budget.


Costs and Funding Available:


Each type of care/Home Care Package level has a different cost and fee.


The total amount is made up of what the government pays (subsidy) and any contributions you may be required to pay as part of an Income Tested Care Fee (ITCF) which is means tested.


How much you pay for services depends on a few factors:




You can also seek independent financial advice. One way to do so is via Services Australia’s Financial Information Service (FIS).


This is a free service available to everyone and they can help you make informed financial decisions and understand your aged care costs better, as well as any future impact on your pension (etc.), if relevant.


How to Sign Up for a Home Care Package:


If you haven’t already been assessed, you can request an assessment by:


  1. Contacting the My Aged Care contact centre directly, online or by phone (1800 200 422), or
  2. Via a referral from a health care professional like your nurse or GP


Once approved and assigned, you can sign up for a Home Care Package directly with your preferred provider.


At Aunty Grace, we provide a large range of services that support and enable you to lead your best life.


We know this is a big decision and want you to expect more from your home care. If you don’t love your Aunty Grace home care, we’ll refund your first three months of fees!


You can learn more about the services on offer and much more by clicking here!

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