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What Services Come with a Home Care Package?

If you are considering or have been assigned a Home Care Package and want to know about the kind of home care provider services that are (and are not) included in a bit more detail, then you’ve come to the right place!


There are various services and supports that you may be eligible for, however, services provided must be based on a Care Plan developed in partnership with your Care Manager that addresses your assessed needs


Here’s a greater look at the sorts of things that are included:


Personal Care Services


These services are designed to help you look and feel your best.


They include the assistance you may need with:



Activities of Daily Living


Daily activities help you maintain your freedom and independence, even if you need a little assistance with certain tasks.


Some examples can include help with:



Social Interactions


Help in this area is designed to help you stay active in your community and social network, so you can be connected and a part of important activities!


Being social and having fun looks different to everyone, so assistance in this area will be as personalised to your own interests and preferences, but may include:



Transport Assistance


Not being able to get places if you no longer drive or do not have a regular, easy method of transport can make enjoying every day and staying social challenging.


That’s why you can access certain transport services under a Home Care Package, that can take you:



Meals & Nutrition

Sometimes a helping hand is all your need to meet your dietary needs without hassle.


Services and care here can include assistance:



N.B you are unable to pay for food with Home Care Package funds.


Skin & Wound Management

Your Home Care Package services can help maintain necessary skin integrity, such as:



Continence Management

Your home care services provider can offer kind assistance with:



Domestic Assistance: Household Support


This is an important area that can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home.


A good home care services provider will take the time to find out exactly how you like things done to help keep your home looking and feeling clean and tidy.


This also gives you more time and energy to spend on the things and people you enjoy most!


You can receive a helping hand with:



Clinical Care

Clinical care refers to nursing, allied health and therapy services.


For example, these services could include:



You may also be eligible for some individualised and flexible spending items, companion worker for a stroll in the park, going out for coffee, taxi vouchers to facilitate getting around without a carer/worker being present, basic cooking classes, exercise programs monitored by an exercise physiologist, hydrotherapy, massage and so on.


Is there anything a Home Care Package doesn’t cover?


Home care package funds can’t be used as a source of general income.


There are some exclusions that are not included/paid for, which are things like:



You can find more detail on excluded items on page 66 of the Home Care Package manual.


A final note from Home Care Package provider Aunty Grace:


Getting assistance doesn’t mean losing your independence – quite the opposite!


At Aunty Grace, our friendly, kind and compassionate team understand in-home care is all about keeping you healthy, happy and within your own home for as long as feasible.


Our qualified professionals will always be respectful of your preferences, and ensure you receive a high calibre of personalised, experienced care that is tailored to meet your needs and goals.

We’re here to help take the stress away from managing these tasks on your own, so you can spend more time doing the other things that bring you joy!


You can learn more about Aunty Grace and the home care provider services available here.


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