Aunty Grace Referral Terms


Do you know someone who is looking for a home care support provider so that they can maintain their independence, and live safely and well at home?


Aunty Grace is dedicated to changing the way care and support are delivered and we want to ensure that more Australians receive the best home care experience possible.


As a valued client of Aunty Grace, we know that it is YOU that understands the importance of receiving excellent, dedicated services and support – enabling you to remain living safely and well at home.  


If you know someone who would benefit from Aunty Grace’s Home Care Services, you refer them to us and they engage us as their Home Care Service provider, you may be eligible to earn a referral reward valued at $400.


What is the referral reward?


The referral reward will be provided to both you and the person who you successfully refer to Aunty Grace; you will each receive a $200 gift card to the nominated addresses. This is valid from June 1st 2024.


Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible to receive the referral reward, the following must first be satisfied:

  1. You must be a current or past client or family member of Aunty Grace at the time of providing us with the referral.
  2. The person that you refer to Aunty Grace must: 
    a. freely agree to be referred to Aunty Grace about our services (there must be no coercion or misrepresentation);
    b. be a new client of Aunty Grace;
    c. satisfy our usual assessment process; and 
    d. engage Aunty Grace as the provider of a Home Care Package (ranging from levels 1-4).  


Please note that if multiple people refer the same person to Aunty Grace, the first person who made the referral will receive the referral reward.  Also, if the person who you refer to us has already been a client of, or otherwise made enquiries of, Aunty Grace, no referral reward will be applicable.


We reserve the right to determine whether the eligibility criteria have been satisfied and may disqualify suspicious referrals.


Payment of the Referral Reward


When the eligibility criteria are satisfied, we will pay the referral reward by the 15th of the month after the referee’s contract start date.


How can you let us know about a referral?


Complete and submit the referral form online, call us or just ask your friend to mention how they heard about us. 

  1. Your name and contact details.
  2. Who are you referring? Name and contact details.


These referral terms and all communications relating to these referral terms are the subject of our privacy policy which can be found here.  We reserve the right to cancel our referral program or to change these referral terms at any time at our sole discretion.


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Not sure where to start?

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