What can Home Care Packages be used for?

A Home Care Package is one form of aged care funding provided by the Australian Government. It helps to pay for care and services that enable aging Australians remain independent, safe, and well at home.

Once you have been through the application process and allocated a Home Care Package, you will need to work with an approved provider to select the specific services and additional support that you need. This is called a Care Plan.


A Care Plan is tailored to your individual needs and wants. So, the answer to the question What can my Home Care Package be used for? is unique to everyone. Everything is also specified in your home care agreement, so that you and any involved loved ones have a clear understanding of what to expect.


The Government have a set of guidelines, which we have listed below.


Subsidies can be used for:



Subsidies cannot be used for:



Navigating the ins and outs of Home Care can sometimes be difficult. Our friendly team are here to help and answer any questions you may have.


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